"Nathalie Philippart Durand"

Photographer  ‑  Frank Carroll
I am from France and I make my costumes with my mother. Porcelain dolls are inspirational and I especially love fabric which gives a magical reflection in the sun. I begin by using a sewing pattern for the basic costume but after that I give free rein to my imagination. The fabric in this costume is brocade, which I bought in Luxembourg at the fabric market. It is a beautiful fabric and shows different reflections on either side. The Carnival in Venice in 2020 was a first time for me. I usually stay in France and Belgium, where my son and I display our creations.

Photographers remark: I did some Photoshop editing on this image, but only to remove a rather heavy looking iron bar from the background across the barred window. It interfered with the balance of the portrait. .