"Claudia Layer-Siewert"

Photographer  ‑  Frank Carroll

She comes in colours everywhere She combs her hair She's like a rainbow Coming, colours in the air Oh, everywhere She comes in colours

Rolling Stones
Even as a student I was fascinated by the wonderful costumes and the magical city of Venice where they were presented, and in 1993 in Ludwigsburg the Venetian Fair was recreated for the first time after about 250 years. I knew then, that in the future I would be part of it. The Venetian Fair is an event where masks from all over the world meet for performances on stage and in the market-place. It was first organised in 1768 by the duke Carl Eugen, who was fascinated by the Carnival of Venice. So I began, self taught, to build and paint masks and to sew fantasy costumes. It was very helpful that I hold a Degree in Design. In the beginning all was very simplistic, but after time I gained much experience and knowledge about the history of fashion. Meanwhile my costumes were inspired by the Renaissance, Rococo Costume and the Victorian Era. With my costumes and masks I want to tell a story to encourage people to dream and take them into a magical world. Big and heavy costumes do not suit me, because I want to have freedom of movement to interact with photographers and audience. So this is what I do on stage at the Venetian Fair since 1995, and I usually stay most years for some days in Venice, the city of my dreams, to perform in my costumes for the carnival. Claudia Layer-Siewert, Germany