"Joce Artiste Peintre - 3"

Photographer  ‑  Anne Carroll
JOCE creates her own costumes. She is self-taught. Making a costume requires three to five months of work, sometimes more, to make a dress, a jacket, a headpiece, shoes, accessories and decorations. Costumes are very valuable, because there is much hand work, using pearls, rhinestones. Flowers are individually hand sewn. On some costumes she has made up to two hundred fabric flowers. She uses precious fabrics, like satin, taffeta, damask and lace. She bases her costume design ideas on the color palette of her fabrics, as if a painter, and the harmony of colors creates a unique and different character each time. Venice is her passion. She is captivated by the city and by the magic of the carnival and she loves to make the public dream, to amaze people and to maintain mystery. In Venice you must not know who is hiding behind the mask! This is the spirit of the Carnival!