"Brigitte Lirc"

Photographer  ‑  Frank Carroll

I'm going to be a pirate with a bright brass pivot-gun, And an island in the Spanish Main beyond the setting sun, And a silver flagon full of red wine to drink when work is done, Like a fine old salt-sea scavenger, like a tarry Buccaneer.

The Tarry Buccaneer - by John Masefield
"To create and wear a costume requires passion, but also a sense of detail and a need for perfection. That passion guides, but for a self-taught person like me, production takes a long time. Researching fabrics, trimmings and accessories as well as cutting and assembling the costume make for hours and days of pleasant work. Wearing my costume in Venice is the culmination of a year of research and needle craft. For example, creating the pirate hat took at least a hundred hours of work. There was research for the original design, the assembly and the final realization. Each accessory, each button, each piece of jewelry corresponds exactly to the correct period and to my imagined character. All of this work becomes worthwhile when I wear my creation and enjoy the admiration of the public. These magical moments last throughout the year thanks to reminders from the magnificent and professional photographic portraits."
- Brigitte L.